Welcome to the first official ISS Newsletter! Each month, we will be showcasing one of our product sections in detail. Once pricing has been finalised, make sure to check our homepage weekly for new discounts in that product section. Each newsletter will include products, brands and relevant industries. This month, we’re kicking it off with valves.


Types of Valves

This category covers a variety of industrial valves suited to every application. We have an assortment of leading brand ball valves commonly used in the manufacturing, automation, and oil and gas industries. They are also regularly used in drinking water applications and are known for their durability. Click on any image to be taken directly to that product.

             air-pro ball valves ITAP bibcock ball valve tecnovielle ball valve aignep ball valve

Our extensive range also consists of process valves, angle seat valves, butterfly valves, check valves, globe valves, safety valves and more. Our valves are used in a variety of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, petrochemical, water, steam and general industrial purposes.

           air-pro non return valve aignep quick exhaust valve aircomp stampotecnica auxiliary valve parker legris check valve

            haitima gate valve panam needle valve jaymac butterfly valve ITAP mini ball valve

Our Trusted Brands

This month, we will be displaying the products of two of our trusted brands on our social media pages: Haitima and Jaymac.

                                                                                 haitima logo

Established in 1984, Haitima design and manufacture a wide range of stainless steel and carbon steel valves for a variety of industrial applications including marine, chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage. Their valves are known for their durability and quality, making them a trusted brand by users worldwide.

                                                                                   jaymac logo

Jaymac is another well-known and trusted name in the Industrial market, providing fluid transfer and compressed air solutions in industries including construction, waste management, flood control, marine and more.

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