This month, we're showcasing our wide range of clamps, clips and accessories that can be utilised in a variety of fastening jobs. Designed to ensure safe and secure connections, our clamps and clips are used in industries such as automotive, plumbing, mining, construction, metal manufacturing and more.

In this product category, we can supply you with a range of industrial clamps, including constant tension clamps, super clamps, beam clamps, toggle clamps and easy lock clamps. Click on any image to be taken directly to that product.

                   C-Cure Constant Tension Clamps Jubilee Super Clamp GBS M Norma Clamp Caddy Beam Clamps

                  Caddy Superfix LF Clamps Brauer Horizontal Latch Toggle Clamp Caddy Superfix Easy Lock Mikalor Super W1 Clamps

We also have an extensive selection of clips available, including cobra clips, saddle clips, worm drive clips, pipe clips, tool slips and O clips.

                  Norma Cobra Clips Norma Saddle Clips Norma Worm Drive Clips C-Cure Metric Pipe Clips

                  Terry Tool Clip Terry Pen and Pencil Clips Oetiker O Clips Caddy Pipe Clips

As well as clamps and clips, this product section also includes clip dispensers, speed links and installation tools, as well as a selection of clip packs.

                  Jubilee Clip Dispensers Jubilee Clamp Packs Caddy Speed Links Installation Tools

Our Trusted Brands

This month, we're displaying the products of two more brands on our social media pages: C-Cure and Brauer.

                                                                               C-Cure Logo

Millions of C-Cure products are sold throughout the UK and the success of the brand is based on the quality of the products. Offering a variety of options, including lighter clamping such as single ear hose clamps, and heavier solutions such as superior clamps, C-cure is a trusted and secure source of clamping solutions. This brand offers clips and clamps, hose crimpers, banding systems, pipe clips, back plates and more.

                                                                               Brauer Logo

Brauer has been providing the industry with the finest quality products since 1926 and their orange handle toggle clamps are recognised worldwide. Brauer's range includes vertical and horizontal toggle clamps, push pull clamps, toggle latches, pneumatic power clamps, stainless steel toggle clamps and more.

Follow us on social media to see the products of these brands and many others displayed throughout the month. You can start browsing our full Clamps and Clips section here.