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The 'HP' series of needle valves are specially designed & manufactured for us in corrosive & hazardous environments.
These valves are for use in process control, instrumentation & flow control applications.
Feature Benefits:
One piece body construction for strength & safety.
Non rotating Vee tip design, which forms a bearing joint with the stem eliminating any rotation between the plug & seat on closure ensuring long life.
Each valve is hydrostatically tested in accordance with MSS-SP-99. This procedure includes testing of the body cavity. A Hydrostatic test is performed with pure water or other liquids of similar or lower viscosity at 1.5 times & seat leakage test at 1.1 times of the maximum working pressure.
Each valve is also tested with Nitrogen Gas at 1000psi for seat, seal & shell leakage. Other tests like vibration, temperature, Helium are available upon request.
Body, Stem, Packing Washer, Lock Nut & Gland Retainer A479-316/A-105
Gland Packing: Glass Filled PTFE
Packing: PTFE
Handle: Stainless Steel
Dust Cap: Plastic
Vee Tip: A 564-630